Top Tips & Tricks To Writing A Good Essay

Oh, the anxiety! Each time a deadline is close, and yet we haven’t even written a single word on that sheet of paper. There are more things that can add to this anticipation.

  • The fact that you do not know the subject matter!
  • The fact that you have done no research!
  • The fact that you are still re-binging the first season of Stranger Things (although the essay is in the back of your mind).

The fact that the word limit is 5000!

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However, if you have a few days on hand, we can give you some tricks to get rid of that procrastination and write the best essay.

Not to mention fast! So, get your quills ready because we are finishing that essay! In this excerpt below, we will be talking about some of the best tips and tricks which can help you write that essay faster while keeping the quality in mind.

Tricks & Tips For Good Essay Writing

Here are some of the tips and tricks which can help you write the perfect essay for your 30% credit score. An essay worth a chef’s kiss.

1. Read More

The more facts you have at your fingertips, the more you will be able to write with a smooth flow. The continuity element is very important to complete an essay. The sheer thought of researching and writing your article is tiresome.

This is why you should have the research material ready. Jot down all the pointers beforehand, and highlight the ones which are important. These are like cue cards, and when you are writing, having them in front of you makes the work easier.

Plus, you are going to procrastinate less in the writing time because you are not using the internet to research again and again. Our minds can just start wondering about that unfinished episode.

2. Have Subparts

Having heading, parts, and consecutive subparts will not only make your essay more comprehensible, but you can finish the work faster as well. It is always more intimidating to see an entire passage of 1000 words, but if you divide that into ten subparts (100 parts each).

You can concentrate on each subpart separately. There is no scope for filler sentences, and each and every part has authentic content. Putting more information is always the key to writing a good essay.

Ensure that these subparts have the correct relevancy and they are able to enhance your writing. Do not add repetitive subparts because it makes you look like someone who is just planning to end the article.

3. Add Elements

There are elements that can help you enhance the essay. These elements are charts, graphs, and even quotes which can help you add a literary tone to a particular subpart. There is something about facts placed through charts on an assignment; it helps your reader understand your acquired knowledge.

They will know that you know your data, and that will automatically impress you. Plus, you do not have to worry about reaching your word count because you are already reaching that with so many extra details.

Plus, quotations add new dimensions to your writing. You have a touch of philosophy in the facts, which gives the readers something intriguing to think about.

4. Take It As A Story

If you are looking at the matter as a tiresome assignment, you will never find the energy or zeal to finish it. No matter what the topic is, you have to look at it as a story. The next great fiction which you are about to write.

You need to plan it with timelines, characters, and plots, and once you get all the facts with you, the story will simply flow out of your fingers. This is a unique way to enjoy the work because you can make your writing sound professional without making it sound boring.

This is also a faster approach, but remember not to make it a comedy skip. Try to add humor in the form of wise puns and comical reliefs. You can even add dialogues of conversations that happened during surveys, but try not to fake them. Plus, if you give authority links to your sources, it increases the value of the essay.

5. Have A Planned Outline

Yes, plan your outline. You will find innovative ways to plan the outline of your article. However, always go for the one which will work for you. A simple way would be to put all your headings and subparts and assign a word limit for each so that you do not exceed them.

Plus, you can even add your research materials side by side so that you do not have to change tabs and keep looking. You can concentrate in one go.

Other formats of an outline could be the basic three:

  • Introduction with source and word limits.
  • The Main Body.
  • Conclusion.

Whenever you start writing, try to finish the body first. Then based on the body, move to your introduction and then your conclusion. One big mistake most students make is that they do not pay proper attention to the conclusion. Just like your introduction has to hook the reader, the conclusion is also supposed to make a mark.

Enjoy The Task!

Overall, you have to enjoy the task to finish it fast. You must have noticed that the more monotonous and boring the work is, the lethargic you become. So, try to find an interesting element in your writing. Something which is worth exploring and gets you down the rabbit hole of research.

Once you get to that point, you will be too excited to put your opinions on the subject matter.

You do not have to worry about originality. When there is interest, your words will be your own!

Top Tips & Tricks To Writing A Good Essay
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